Reduce weight in 7 days

It is a wrong belief that only eating less can reduce weight faster. Eating healthy and regular exercising are also essential for losing weight within a few days. Never skip your breakfast as it boosts your metabolism and gives you sufficient energy for the entire day. This is one way of losing your extra calories fast. Reducing weight in 7 days is not an easy task as one has to follow a diet plan. The easiest way to lose weight is to eat healthy in order to stay fit.

How to lose weight in 7 days

If you are wondering how to reduce weight in 7 days, here are some tips for you.

Your first day should begin with a light meal that includes only fruits. Eat plenty of fruits except for bananas as they increase the carbohydrate content in your body, thereby increasing your calorie intake. In your lunch or dinner, you can eat cabbage soup or tomato soup . Do not drink packaged fruit juices as they contain preservatives which may increase your calories. Drink seven to eight glasses of water. Raw orange and papaya are a good option to include in your diet.

Eat different varieties of veggies on your second day. Veggies are rich in complex carbohydrates that will provide you with all the essential nutrients and dietary fibers. Include two servings of vegetables in your lunch and also in dinner. You can have clubbed sandwich added with lettuce and tomato in your lunch. You can have boiled potato without any lubricant for your dinner. Avoid taking beans, nuts and protein rich foods on your second day. Again, don't forget to drink eight glasses of water.

By the third day your body will start the process of burning the extra calories. You should incorporate fruits as well as vegetables in your diet now. However, say no to bananas, sweet corn, peas and potatoes. As the mixture of fruits and veggies will suffice for your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants requirements, you don't need calories from other sources. You can have a bowl of vegetables and slices of cucumber in your lunch. Consume three quarters of a cup of vegetable juice during your snack time. Seven to eight glasses of water is a must to keep your body from dehydrating.

Fourth day is your banana day. You can eat six to eight bananas and divide the intake of it from breakfast to supper. Include two to three glasses of milk in your diet. For your breakfast, have pasta or bread. Vegetable soup can be taken once, either in lunch or dinner in a limited quantity. Milk and banana make a balanced diet as they provide all the potassium, sodium and calcium that you have lost in those three days. Once again, it is essential to drink plenty of water.

On your fifth day you can have chicken or fish. You can have a piece of baked chicken or a broiled fish once in your diet. Vegetarians can include steamed cabbage and beans sprouts in their diet. Eat at least six tomatoes. Tomatoes are very good blood purifiers that fight against body infections. You may notice colorless urine on this day due to the excretion of uric acid. Don't worry, drink at least ten glasses of water. You can also take steamed cabbage.

On your sixth day, eat one cup of rice with boiled vegetables, preferably for lunch. If you wish, you can include two to three steaks of beef and salad for your dinner. Sprouts can be included in your diet as they are a rich source of iron. Sprouts increase the iron intake of the body. You can take a bowl of soup but only once.

By your last day, your body will have adjusted to this diet plan. Your seventh day diet includes one cup brown rice with vegetables and soup. If you want you can garnish the vegetables with garlic and herbs for your taste. Fruits and fruit juices can be included in your diet. Try to drink fruit juices which are sugar free or contain very less amount of sugar. Avoid taking beans like pinto beans and kidney beans for they are full of calories. Drink loads of water.
During snack time you can have green tea with lemon added to it. Do not add sweeteners in your tea. Include low calorie snacks two times in a day. This helps provide energy throughout the day. Ensure that your body gets 1200 calories in a day. Consuming very less calories is also not good for your health. Say no to drinks like alcohol and carbonated drinks. Stay away from chocolates and ice-creams.

Regular exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga and good sleep also play an important role in weight loss. Some people do not get the results fast because the metabolic rate varies from person to person. Reducing weight in 7 days is one way of competing against yourself.


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