Health Benefits of Ajwain

Ajwain(Carom Seeds) also known as Bishop’s weed belongs to the same family such as Cumin, dil and Parsley. It is primarily used to enhance the flavour of dishes. In India it is primarily found in Madhya pradesh. It is used to flavour various delicacies in the middle east. The Ajwain seeds are tiny and ridged and are greyish green in colour. They are spicy to taste and have an aromatic flavour. Ajwain smells similar to thyme.

Ajwain fried in ghee is used to season dhal varieties. It can be added to the dough while making parathas and rotis. Ajwain is also used as dressing in salad. Ajwain is added to many deep fried snack varieties and chat items to enhance flavour. Ajwain seeds go well with fish preparations.

Ajwain is known for its medicinal properties. Its is very popular in treating stomach disorders. Infants are given small doses of tea made of ajwain in regular intervals to keep away from colic episodes. Clean and wash one teaspoon of ajwain seeds in water and add them to boiling water. Cool the water filter, this tea can be given to anyone with gastric problems. The ajwain tea is the best home remedy for indigestion and acidity problems. It improves appetite. The strong flavour helps prevent bad breath. Ajwain is the bestremedy to control vomiting sensations. Ajwain is a good source of thymol which is known for its anti bacterial properties. Ajwain helps prevent cold and cough.

Ajwain oil is used to treat joint pains and inflammations. Ayurvedic preparations that are used to cure stomach, kidney and fertility disorders use ajwian as an ingredient. A paste made of ajwain can be applied on insect bites to relieve pains. Asthmatics are recommended to take ajwain in regular intervals. Add a teaspoon of ajwain to boiling water and inhale the steam this prevents nasal congestion.

Ajwain seeds are readily available in supermarkets. Ajwain should be bought in small quantities and should be used as early as possible else the essential oils would evapourate and the flavour is lost. Once the pack is opened it should be stored in cool dry place and in an air tight container. Patients suffering from ulcer should avoid ajwain as it may worsen.
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