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Having small but frequent meal, drinking plenty of water, eating fibre-rich food and eating slowly and chewing are some of the easiest habits one could make to avoid gastric problems.
Not overeating, not lying down for about three hours after taking food, not wearing tight-fitting clothes or belts around the waist, not exercising for at least an hour after eating, avoiding fast and deep-fried food on the ‘don’ts’ side will also help keep gastrointestinal (GI) problems away.

Symptoms of gastric problems such as heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, bitter or sour taste, cough or hoarseness of voice are caused by stomach acid rising up to oesophagus, according to consultant Gastroenterologist of Manipal Hospitals Y. Radhakrishna. It may also be caused by improper functioning of the muscle that separates contents of stomach from food pipe owing to obesity, lack of exercise or old age or excess stomach acid caused by heavy drinking, smoking or overeating, he elaborates. The advanced endoscopy technology of the Gastroenterology department of the hospital will help diagnose GI problems and provides therapeutic endoscopy/colonoscopy, says Dr. Radhakrishna.

Packages offered

On the occasion of World Digestive Health Day on Wednesday, celebrated every year by World Gastroenterology Organisation, the hospital is offering gastric/liver check-up packages including endoscopy at a discount.

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