Herbal Cure for Pimples Using Natural Treatment

  • A combination of lemon juice and rose water when applied on the pimples and left for half an hour is a good remedy for pimples. This should be continued for three to four weeks as a natural home remedy.
  • Lemon juice when mixed with ground nut oil and then applied on the affected surface is a very good remedy for pimples. Sandal wood powder can also be added for added benefit. Cinnamon power mixed with lemon juice also works wonders.
  • A combination of honey and cinnamon powder is a natural home remedy. When this paste is applied on the pimples and left over night it cures pimples. The process however should be continued for a couple of weeks.
  • A mask prepared by combining grated apple pulp and honey also is a natural home remedy for curing pimples.
  • The allicin in garlic is a good antibiotic in the natural form. Rubbing garlic on the affected or infected area or combining it with yogurt and using it as a face pack also helps cure pimples naturally. A clove of garlic can also be consumed daily for prevention and cure of pimples.
  • Pulp of ripe tomato when regularly applied for an hour is an effective treatment against pimples. The cucumber pulp also does the same act of curing pimples in a natural way.
  • Juice of raw papaya when applied on the pimples cures it naturally and without any side effects.
  • A very common herb is the mint. Appling freshly extracted juice of mint leaves on the pimples is a natural home remedy. It is cured in no time.
  • A mixture of juice of coriander leaves and turmeric is a natural home remedy for curing pimples.
  • Two or three Basil leaves should be boiled in water for fifteen to twenty minutes. The decoction when cooled and applied on the infected surface cures the pimples fast and naturally. This is also a natural home remedy. This should be done on a regular basis for quick relief and cure.
  • A paste of neem leaves and turmeric in water base when applied on the pimples and is left for half and hour heals pimples fast and effectively. This is a time tested treatment.
  • Lime juice added to roasted and then powdered peels of the pomegranate fruit and then made into a paste in water base and applied on the pimples will heal the pimples in no time.
  • Crushed fenugreek seed made into a paste by adding water and then applied on the pimples overnight is a very good natural remedy against pimples.
  • Nutmeg powder added to raw milk and the subsequent paste when added on the pimples for about a couple of hours is a very good natural remedy to cure pimples. This is more effective with individuals with dry skin problems.
  • Aloe vera the wonder remedy for a genre of disease is a good natural remedy. Apply the pulp of the leaves directly on the surface of the pimples. It is anti bacterial and prevents inflammation.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural home remedy to cure pimples.
  • Wheat germ oil and marigold paste are also natural home remedies against pimples.
  • A face pack made of fuller's earth rose water and plain water is a very effective and natural cure for pimples. It absorbs excess oil from the surface of the skin leaving it healthy and bacteria free.
  • A mixture made with oatmeal and honey is very effective for the treatment and cure of pimples.
  • Certain vitamins like Vitamin A when taken in combination of Niacin works wonders in curing pimples. Leafy vegetable like the spinach, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms are excellent source of such vitamin and niacin.
With all such natural remedies available at hand why should one bother about chemical treatments? Natural home remedies are the best of all remedies.
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