रोजाना कुछ देर ऐसे बैठें आंखों की कमजोरी दूर हो जाएगी

लगातार कई घंटों तक कंप्यूटर पर काम करने, टी.वी. देखने या पढ़ाई करने से आजकल अधिकतर लोगों को आंखों से जुड़ी समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ता है। योग से हर बीमारी का उपचार संभव है। कई हस्तमुद्राएं ऐसी है जिनका नियमित रूप से अभ्यास कर इंसान कई तरह की शारीरिक समस्याओं से छुटकारा पा सकता है। आंखों से जुड़ी परेशानियों के लिए प्राणमुद्रा को सर्वश्रेष्ठ माना गया है।

प्राणमुद्रा- अंगूठे से तीसरी अनामिका यानी रिंग फिंगर तथा चौथी कनिष्ठिका यानी लिटिल फिंगर दोनों अँगुलियों के पोरों को एकसाथ अंगूठे के पोर के साथ मिलाकर शेष दोनों अँगुलियों को अपने सीध में खडा रखने से जो मुद्रा बनती है उसे प्राण मुद्रा कहते है। ह्रदय रोग में रामबाण तथा नेत्रज्योति बढाने में यह मुद्रा बहुत सहायक है। अंगूठे से तीसरी अनामिका तथा चौथी कनिष्ठिका अँगुलियों के पोरों को एकसाथ अंगूठे के पोर के साथ मिलाकर बाकि दोनों अँगुलियों को अपने सीध में खडा रखने से जो मुद्रा बनती है उसे प्राण मुद्रा कहते हैं। ह्रदय रोग में रामबाण तथा नेत्रज्योति बढाने में यह मुद्रा बहुत सहायक है। साथ ही यह प्राण शक्ति बढ़ाने वाला भी होता है।

प्राण शक्ति प्रबल होने पर मनुष्य के लिए किसी भी प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियों में धैर्यवान रहना अत्यंत सहज हो जाता है.वस्तुत: दृढ प्राण शक्ति ही जीवन को सुखद बनाती है। साथ ही यह प्राण शक्ति बढ़ाने वाला भी होता है। यह मुद्रा रोज करने से इम्युनिटी पावर तो बढ़ता ही है साथ ही दिल से जुड़ी बीमारियां होने की संभावना भी कम हो जाती है। कहते हैं अगर यह मुद्रा के लिए सिर्फ दस मिनट देकर आप आंखों से जुड़ी हर परेशानी को मुक्ति पा सकते हैं। इस मुद्रा से आंखों के थकान तो मिटती ही है आंखों की ज्योति भी बढ़ती है।

Does Facebook really cause depression?

New evidence thrown up by researchers debunks the finding that spending time onFacebook and other social sites causes depression.

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health study suggests that it may be unnecessarily alarming to advise patients and parents on the risk of "Facebook Depression" based solely on the amount of internet use.

Last year, the American Academy of Paediatrics released a report on the effects of social media on children and adolescents, which suggested that exposure to Facebook could lead to depression, The Journal of Adolescent Health reports.

How women de-stress for mental health

Getting into a woman's mind is as complex as understanding the uncharted human brain.
Each emotion and mood swing is not just a sign of PMS - that great vortex to which is attributed nearly everything wrong with a woman's day; these are signs that she needs tender care, consideration and space. Since the world doesn't really get this, women have a system of fighting and de-stressing. Today we're listing it out for the uninitiated amongst our readers. Men might not understand these complex rituals, but you may try at your own risk. We open the Pandora's Box on how women deal with stress and depression in a positive way.

Shopping sprees are stress-free
Confessions of a shopaholic is not just a book, it is 'the' book for women and how to deal with a boring work life. Shopping is a great way to hangout with the girls, gossip about the men in their lives, but most importantly - a way to purge themselves from all worries and anxieties. Shopping forms a de-stress mantra that cannot easily be explained, but the health benefits are like the effects of an antioxidant fruit. The smile on a woman's face is priceless after a shopping spree.

Test your cholesterol with a simple photo

Indian researchers claim to have developed a non-invasive way to test cholesterol levels in people with increased risk of heart disease using a photo of the back of the patient's hand.

Researchers in India claim to have developed a total cholesterol test that uses a digital camera to take a snapshot of the back of the patient'shand rather than an invasive blood sample. The image obtained is cropped and compared with images in a database for known cholesterol levels.

Easy ways to lead a healthy, happy life

Keep yourself hydrated

When you are dehydrated, it slows down yourblood flow leaving you tired and listless. Drink water when you wake up to give yourself a boost of energy. Make it a point to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water during the day.

Don't skip breakfast

While skipping any meal isn't good, missing your breakfast is one of the biggest mistake you can make. Research shows that skipping breakfast makes one burn fewer calories during the day. This is especially true for those on a diet. Several dieters assume that a skipped meal is beneficial in reducing the calorie intake when this isn't true at all.

Have snacks

Snacking can actually be good, however, ensure that what you eat is healthy. Snacking on dried fruit, low fat cheeses or yoghurts can keep your metabolism running on high gear and keep youenergetic throughout the day.

Exercise regularly

Make exercising a fun activity, not a chore. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or cycle instead of taking the cab or bus, and brisk walk for 20 minutes daily. Listen to music while you walk or ask a friend for company.

Reduce alcohol intake

While indulging in alcohol daily doesn't slow down your metabolism, studies show that having it everyday can result in weight gain because your body processes alcohol first, leaving the calories you ate from your meal until last. This means that those calories are most likely to be stored as body fat.

Don't go on fad diets

When you regularly keep going on different diets, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients. You might be unintentionally consuming fewer calories than are required to keep your body active — this results in lethargy. If you really must diet, make sure you consult an expert who will know what diet to put you on. And don't expect miracles overnight. Healthydiets take time to show results.

Take a break

Relaxing and taking breaks will make you feel rejuvenated both physically as well as mentally. Sleep for seven to eight hours every night and make it a point to relax during the day. Even unwinding for a few minutes daily makes a big difference.


Health benefits of walking

Did you know that walking not only helps you to lose weight but also prevent diabetes and breast cancer? Read on to know the health benefits of walking.

Walking is said to be a great exercise which has proven to be an excellent fat burner. If you walk at a steady pace for 30 to 45 minutes at least six days a week along with a healthy diet, you will gradually witness a change in your weight.

There are several benefits of walking. Some of them are as follows-

Walking regularly at a good speed improves your muscle strength and endurance and also helps build stamina.

Apple peel can help stave off high BP

Eating an apple a day without removing the peel can help prevent high blood pressure.

Canadian scientists have found that the fruit is more effective than other "superfoods" including green tea and blueberries as a source of antioxidants and chemical compounds called flavonoids that combat the potentially life-threatening condition.

In a study, researchers from Nova Scotia Agricultural College tested the peel and the fleshy fruit of apples separately.

The peel was found to be up to six times more effective in inhibiting an enzyme called ACE, which is known to cause hypertension and high blood pressure, according to the team's results in the journal Food Chemistry.
Source - Times of India
"Apples are one of the most popular and frequently consumed fruits in the world," the Daily Express quoted the researchers as stating.

"Apple peel is a rich source of flavonoids which provide numerous health benefits - apple peel flavonoids inhibited the enzyme ACE," they added.

वैज्ञानिकों ने बनाया हेपेटाइटिस सी का पहला टीका

मेलबर्न। वैज्ञानिकों ने हेपेटाइटिस सी जैसी घातक बीमारी से बचाव के लिए अपनी तरह का पहला टीका विकसित करने का दावा किया है। हेपेटाइटिस सी एक संक्रामक रोग है, जो हेपेटाइटिस सी वायरस से फैलता है। लिवर को क्षति पहुंचाने वाली इस बीमारी से दुनियाभर में करीब 20 करोड़ लोग प्रभावित हैं।
मेलबर्न स्थित बर्नेट इंस्टीट्यूट के शोधकर्ताओं के मुताबिक हेपेटाइटिस यह एक महत्वपूर्ण खोज है। इसकी मदद से पहली बार हेपेटाइटिस निरोधक टीका बनाने में मदद मिलेगी। हेपेटाइटिस सी वायरस अपनी संरचना बदलने की क्षमता रखता है। वायरस के संक्रमण से शरीर की प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली पूरी तरह प्रभावित हो जाती है। ऐसे में इस वायरस से बचाव का टीका विकसित करना काफी मुश्किल था। शोधकर्ताओं के मुताबिक, 'हेपेटाइटिस के संक्रमण के बारे में अक्सर पता नहीं चल पाता है,लेकिन एक बार होने पर यह लिवर को गंभीर रूप से प्रभावित करता है और लिवर सिरोसिस होने की आशंका बढ़ जाती है। यह यकृत की सबसे गंभीर बीमारी है, इस बीमारी का इलाज लिवर प्रत्यारोपण के अलावा कुछ नहीं है।

जैतून के तेल से हड्डियां होती है मजबूत

मेड्रिड। जैतून के तेल में बने भोजन के साथ एक फल का सेवन करने से हड्डियों की मजबूती पर सकारात्मक असर पड़ता है। स्पेन में किए गए एक अध्ययन में यह बात सामने आई है।

उम्र बढ़ने पर हड्डियों के घनत्व एवं मजबूती में धीरे-धीरे कमी आती जाती है और इससे महिला एवं पुरुष दोनों समान रूप से प्रभावित होते है। यह हड्डियों में क्षरण एवं इसके टूटने के अहम कारक होते है।

वैज्ञानिक पत्रिका क्लीनिकल एंडोक्राइनोलॉजी एंड मेटाबोलिज्म के अनुसार अध्ययन में यह सामने आया कि ओस्टियोपोरोसिस की दर यूरोप के भूमध्यसागरीय इलाकों में कम है।

इसका एक कारण पारम्परिक भूमध्यसागरीय भोजन जिसमें फल एवं सब्जियों की भरपूर मात्रा और जैतून एवं जैतून का तेल शामिल होता है, हो सकता है।

जल्द आएगी पुरुषों के लिए गर्भनिरोधक दवा

लंदन। महिलाओं के लिए गर्भनिरोधक दवाएं तो दशकों से मौजूद हैं, लेकिन पुरुषों के लिए ऐसी कोई गोली उपलब्ध नहीं है। मगर अब वैज्ञानिकों ने दावा किया है कि वे पुरुष गर्भनिरोधक दवा बनाने की प्रक्रिया के काफी करीब पहुंच गए हैं। वैज्ञानिकों ने चूहों पर इसका सफल परीक्षण भी किया है।
पुरुषों के लिए गर्भनिरोधक गोली न होने की वजह से बड़ी संख्या में अनियोजित गर्भ धारण करने के मामले सामने आते रहे हैं। वैज्ञानिकों के सामने चुनौती एक ऐसी दवा बनाने की थी, जो खून से सीधे अंडकोष में जा सके।

ब्रॉकली से ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के उपचार की तैयारी

Broccoli: The new weapon against breast cancer as researchers discover it could suppress tumours
ब्रॉकली से ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के उपचार की तैयारी

लंदन। स्तन कैंसर से जूझ रही महिलाओं के लिए यह शोध किसी वरदान से कम नहीं है। वैज्ञानिकों का कहना है कि स्तन कैंसर से जूझ रही महिलाओं के लिए ब्रॉकली (एक प्रकार की गोभी) का प्रयोग लाभदायक साबित हो सकता है।

वैज्ञानिकों का कहना है कि ब्रॉकली स्तन कैंसर पर प्रतिकूल प्रभाव डालकर उसे बढ़ने से रोकता है। हालिया हुए एक शोध में पता चला है कि ब्रॉकली खाने से शरीर में एक ऐसे तत्व का निर्माण होता है जो स्तनों की कोशिकाओं को क्षय से बचाता है। वैज्ञानिक इसी तत्व सल्फोराफेन को दवाइयों में मिलाकर स्तन कैंसर से पीड़ित महिलाओं के उपचार की तैयारी कर रहे हैं। यह भी माना जा रहा है कि गोभी या ब्रॉकली गठिया और अन्य प्रकार के कैंसर में भी सहायक सिद्ध होता है।

114 Tips for Weight loss tip

Weight loss Tip 1
When eating out, always choose the smallest portion size available.

When we choose larger meals, most of us tend to eat past the point of hunger and in doing so consume more kilojoules than we need which contributes to weight gain.

Remember that if you are still hungry after choosing a smaller meal, you can always fill up with something else and enjoy a wider variety of tastes in the process.

Weight loss Tip 2

If we absolutely must eat chips, opting for straight-cut and fatter chips instead of crinkle-cut and thin chips will help minimize fat intake.

Straight-cut and fat chips have less surface area than crinkle-cut and thin chips so hold less fat.

Extra fat equals extra taste, but if we want to lose weight we have to make some sacrifices!

Weight loss Tip 3

Try drinking a glass of water before a meal.

If you tend to overeat at certain meal times (like dinner for example), try drinking a medium to large glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before you sit down to that meal.

Drinking water before your meal will partially fill your stomach and may reduce your hunger levels, because often when we think we are feeling hunger, our body is actually telling us that it is getting dehydrated and needs some water.

Weight loss Tip 4

Offer to be the "designated driver" more often.

If you go out for dinner and drinks with family and friends, offering to be the designated driver will save you hundreds of kilojoules because you can't drink as much alcohol.

In addition to drinking fewer kilojoules, you'll probably eat less as well because alcohol often makes us "let our guard down" and eat when we are no longer hungry.

Weight loss Tip 5

If you often find yourself reaching for chocolate or lollies in between meals, try eating a handful or two of mixed, unsalted nuts instead.

For best results, mix your own and include nuts that you don't necessarily eat on their own. Eating mixed nuts together means you won't even notice the ones you don't normally eat.

Although some nuts are relatively high in fat, the fat they contain is good fat that our body needs to stay healthy. And because they are so filling, you will probably end up consuming far less total calories than if you ate a less healthy alternative.

Weight loss Tip 6

Try to break unhealthy food associations.

Many of us get into the habit of enjoying unhealthy food and drink while we're doing everyday things like watching our favourite TV shows, visiting cinemas, going to our favourite club, etc.

Every time you go to the movies do you habitually order a large popcorn, ice-cream, large coke, bag of lollies or chocolates before sitting down? Or can you watch your favourite soap opera without a cup of coffee or tea and a few chocolate biscuits?

If the answer is yes and no respectively, you could have some unhealthy food associations that could be making you heavier or preventing you from losing weight.

Weight loss Tip 7

If you often fail to go on planned bicycle rides because it's too windy, reconsider.

If it's windy outside, it does make it harder to ride our bikes, particularly heading directly into a strong wind.

But for those of us who want to lose weight, this is actually a good thing because the harder we are forced to work, the more calories we'll burn each minute!

Just be sure not to try to maintain the same speed you were doing with the wind when you're against it, you may get your heart rate a bit higher than is absolutely necessary.

Just slow down a little and enjoy the ride (as best you can under the circumstances!).

Weight loss Tip 8

Get into the habit of carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Keeping water handy will help keep you sufficiently hydrated and will help stop you reaching for the closest thing available when you inevitably become thirsty, such as carbonated drinks full of sugar or coffee, which actually causes further dehydration.

It's a well documented fact that many of us often mistake hunger for thirst and actually eat unnecessary calories when we are actually thirsty. When we are well hydrated, we're also less likely to overeat when we do sit down at the table.

Weight loss Tip 9

If you're a weekend food binger, plan ahead to make sure you have plenty of healthier snacking options in the house.

For example, pre-prepare some air-popped popcorn, mix up a blend of your favourite unsalted nuts, have some low fat yogurts ready to go in the fridge and try adding a dash of cordial to carbonated mineral water instead of drinking high sugar colas, etc.

Weight loss Tip 10

Opt for lighter choices once in a while at restaurants.

Many restaurants have lighter options on their menus these days, some have low-fat options and some have even jumped on the low-carb band wagon and offer low-carb options.

Whenever you're sitting in a restaurant looking through the menu, ask yourself if a lighter option would be a better choice. Where possible choose steamed, poached, boiled or baked foods rather than those that have been fried or deep fried.

Weight loss Tip 11

Try to reduce the Fat, Sugar and Salt in your diet.

Diets high in fat and sugar are typically also very high in kilojoules or calories which when combined with low levels of exercise or activity can contribute greatly to us being overweight.

In addition, excessive levels of fat, sugar and salt in our diets have been shown to contribute to a variety of serious health conditions.

Foods that are 'low in fat' have 3g or less fat per 100g. Drinks low in fat have 1.5ml or less per 100ml.

Foods 'low in sugar' have 5g or less per 100g and drinks low in sugar have 2.5g or less per 100ml.

Foods 'low in salt' have 120mg or less per 100g.

While all the foods we eat won't have levels of fat, sugar and salt as low as this, these measures can be useful when we are comparing food options.

Weight loss Tip 12

Join a gym or hire a personal trainer with a friend.

Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer with a friend has many advantages.

Foremost among these advantages are that you'll have a workout buddy, who can keep you motivated and keep you company while you get used to the gym environment and exercising regularly, and you'll save money because most gyms and personal trainers offer discounts when you join or train with a friend.

Just be careful to make sure that both of you are as committed to exercise as each other and be prepared for the time when your workout buddy isn't able, or doesn't want to, workout any more or as regularly as you do.

Hopefully by the time this happens (if it happens at all), you'll have made new friends at the gym or enjoy exercising so much that you are motivated and happy enough to do it on your own or find a new workout buddy.

Weight loss Tip 13

Participate in a weight loss challenge.

Getting yourself a diet buddy or buddies and setting yourself a 12 week weight loss goal is a great way to lose weight.

Losing weight when you've got someone else to compete against will give you extra motivation and help you to stay on track.

The members of the Weightloss Forum currently have such challenges which you can participate in simply by registering as a member of the forum, which is totally free.

Weight loss Tip 14

Walk for a ½ hour instead of watching TV.

Some people believe that watching TV is a great way to wind-down after a hard day and doing exercise is often the last thing on their minds.

But going for a half-hour or hours walk instead of plonking down in front of the TV can help you de-stress, clear your mind and set you up for a relaxing evening and a great night's sleep.

You can make the walk even better if you take your partner, children or dog with you.

Weight loss Tip 15

Share an entree or dessert with a friend.

Many of us put on weight because we make careless or unconscious eating decisions, like automatically ordering an entree or dessert while at a restaurant.

Most restaurants main meals are already too big and as well as eating them, many of us eat entrees and/or desserts as well.

If this sounds like you, start sharing your entree or dessert with a friend and your waist-line will thank you.

Weight loss Tip 16

Vary your exercise.

In addition to helping us avoid boredom, adding variety to our exercise program actually helps us lose more weight and become fitter.

When we perform the same exercises at the same intensity, our bodies get used to our routine and stops responding. Muscles only get stronger when they need to adapt. By changing exercises and the order in which we do them, we keep our body guessing and force it to respond and adapt.

Weight loss Tip 17

To get a an idea of your fitness level before starting a new exercise program, try running or walking for 12 minutes and see how far you get.

If you can walk or run 1.6 kilometres in 12 minutes or less, then you're in decent shape. Most beginners won't make it this far in under 12 minutes, so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't.

Beginners should start out at a comfortable pace and increase their speed as their fitness improves.

Weight loss Tip 18

Eat leaner red meat & poultry.

Fat contains 37 kilojoules (9 calories) per gram while protein and carbohydrates only contain around 17 kilojoules (4 calories) per gram so it makes sense to try to reduce the amount of dietary fat in our diets if we are trying to lose weight.

One relatively simple way of doing this is to eat the leanest red meat and poultry available to us.

As well as buying the leanest meat and poultry we can in the first place, we can also trim off any access fat from our cuts of meat and remove any skin from our poultry.

Weight loss Tip 19

One of the reasons many of us are putting on weight year after year is that we have lost all sense of correct portion sizes.

Because most meals served in restaurants and at home are much larger than we actually need to maintain a healthy body weight, some people use a very simple technique to successfully lose weight and keep it off – they only eat half of what is on their plate!

Could this work for you?

Weight loss Tip 20

Walk during your lunch break.

For most of us our lunch break is an ideal time to go for a walk but many people miss this opportunity to build their fitness, relieve stress and burn precious extra calories.

If you aren't motivated enough to go walking alone, organise a walking group among your colleagues, you're sure to find other people who want to get fitter and lose a little weight.

Tips for healthy hair this monsoon

Is your hair falling, your scalp itchy and those lustrous locks getting sticky this monsoon? Worry not, experts have a host of suggestions, including simple homemade remedies like vinegar and methi seeds, to keep your hair healthy and sorted.

The problems occur because humidity leads to excessive perspiration and the scalp gets oily.

"Oil and sweat secretions tend to stick to hair and scalp. It also attracts grime and pollutants in the air. To handle all this, one needs to shampoo hair more frequently, especially if hair is oily," renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Husain said.

Her advice is to use shampoos containing herbal extracts like shikakai, reetha, brahmi, amla and henna.

Dyslexia caused by faulty signal processing in brain: study

Dyslexia, a learning disability can result when the medial geniculate nucleus in the thalamus of the brain does not process speech sounds correctly, a new study has claimed.

Researchers from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig found that many difficulties associated with dyslexia can potentially be traced back to a malfunction of the medial geniculate nucleus in the thalamus.

The thalamus is a large, dual lobed mass of grey matter buried under the cerebral cortex. It is involved in sensory perception and regulation of motor functions.

There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia: auditory, visual and attentional.

Control your BP with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Increased blood pressure is possibly one of the most common health concerns; medically referred to as hypertension. Blood pressure is the force of blood against the artery walls. It is expressed as systolic and diastolic pressures. Both numbers must be maintained within normal values. A normal reading should be less than 120 mmHg for systolic and less than 80 mmHg for diastolic pressure.
Pre-hypertension is a stage when the systolic reading is between 120 and 139 mmHg and when the diastolic is between 80 and 89 mmHg. Stage 1 hypertension is indicated by a systolic reading between 140 and 159 mmHg and diastolic between 90 and 99 mmHg. Stage 2 is when the systolic reading is 160 mmHg and diastolic 100 mmHg.


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