How to make your memory permanent

According to a recent research, rehearsing information immediately after being given it may be all you need to make it a permanent memory.

University of Sussex psychologists found that the same area of the brain activated when laying down a memory is also activated when rehearsing that memory.

Chocolate, pizza among `most addictive food'

NEW YORK: Chocolate and pizza are one of the most addictive food, according to a new study which found that these highly processed food are closely linked to eating disorders or behaviours that mimic addiction. A research team from the University of Michigan and Columbia University looked into common addictive food. 

The team analysed 35 different food items and surveyed 120 undergraduates at the University of Michigan and around 400 adults. The team used the Yale Food Addiction Scale, developed by psychologist and lead author of the study Ashley Gearhardt, to assess food addiction risk. 

Chocolate topped the list of foods that are most addictive. It was followed by favourites such as ice cream, French fries, pizza and cookies, Tech Times reported. Cheese, bacon, pretzels, fried chicken, soda and cake also made it to he top 20 list. 

Processed food have higher levels of glycemic oad and fat compared to he non-processed ones. 

Researchers found that processed food are closely associated with eating disorders or behaviours that mimic addiction.
Source - TOI

Do you know why physical workout is crucial for Brain Health

Are you working out enough? As a new study suggests that regular exercise can slow down brain ageing and is good for a healthy brain. Daily workout is especially crucial for old age people as it prevents diseases like memory that affect cognitive function. Exercise in any form, whether it is to grow muscle or just a regular exercise, it can help in making a stronger brain connections. Exercises can have positive effect on brain and significantly improve cognitive functions. According to researchers, physical activity can improve the release of hormones that triggers brain development and can keep your brain sharp even at old age.

Lead study author Hideaki Soya along with his colleagues from the University of Tsukuba, Japan tried to find an interlink between brain health, cognitive function, physical fitness and the role of exercises. Researchers knew that young people use right side of the prefrontal cortex (PFC) for temporary storage and manipulation while older people use both right and left side of PFC for the same. The study authors conducted to study to check whether physical exercises enabled brain at older to retain some properties of young brains.

Mindfulness reduces obesity risks


People who live in the present are less likely to have belly fat and to become obese, according to a US study.

Previous studies have shown that knowing your body leads to real physical benefits ranging from a reduction in stress to protection for the heart.

A team of researchers at Brown University Public School of Health in the US discovered that a low level of attention given to the present has an impact on the body, particularly fat stored around the waist.

Bipolar Disorder: 10 steps on the road to recovery

How does the path to managing Bipolar Disorder unfold?
Managing Bipolar Disorder is a long, uphill climb which few have the wherewithal for.

Tread carefully, for this is uncharted territory. Indeed, managing Bipolar Disorder, while eminently doable, remains a challenge, as would have been apparent from my article on World Mental Health Day. It is a long, uphill climb which few have the wherewithal for. So, if we were to break it up in steps, how would the path unfold, from a layman's perspective? The known enemy becomes easier to deal with than the unknown one. Only if I had the benefit of all this knowledge 15 years ago... 

GHAR KA VAIDYA: डेंगू के लक्षण और उपचार

GHAR KA VAIDYA: डेंगू के लक्षण और उपचार:  डेंगू, 'मादा एडीज एजिप्टी' मच्छर के काटने से फैलता है । ये मच्छर साफ़ पानी में पनपता है और बहुत अधिक ऊंचाई तक नहीं उड़ पाता । डेंगू...

Gender gap exists in usage of post-heart attack meds

Washington DC: A new study has revealed that young women are less likely to be prescribed or take post-heart attack medications.

It is recommended that both male and female heart attack survivors take ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and statins to prevent another heart attack. Yet studies have documented that rates of medication use to prevent a recurrent heart attack are lower among women than men.

Fast food linked to poor bone development in infants

In contrast, increasing neighbourhood exposure to healthy speciality stores, such as greengrocers, was associated with higher BMD at four and six years of age.
Greater access to fast food outlets was associated with lower BMD and BMC in newborns.

Living in a neighbourhood where there is greater access to fast food outlets may be linked to poorer bone development in early childhood, according to a new UK study. The study at the University of Southampton in the UK, looked at the bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC) of 1,107 children at birth and at four and/or six years of age. The data was compared to the number of supermarkets, healthy speciality stores and fast food outlets within a child's neighbourhood.

Yoga and meditation in early life cut health care cost

Yoga and meditation in early life cut health care cost (Getty Images)

Strengthening your resilience with mindful meditation or yoga can help keep the doctors away, thereby reducing your health care cost, says a new study.

Resilience can be enhanced with practice, starting with the relaxation response -- a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as rhythmic breathing, mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi or prayer, the study said.

This is How to Get Rid of Water Retention and Lose Weight Fast With This Simple Tips and Tricks!

This Is How to Get Rid of Water Retention And Lose Weight Fast With This Simple Tricks & Tips!

The main explanation for gaining weight is water retention. If you are overweight, water retention may be the main problem preventing you from losing extra pounds. Feeling puffed and bloated are the main symptoms that show that you may be suffering from water retention.

Water retention

Water retention, or edema in medical terms, can be caused by the aggregation of extra fluids in your circulatory system and in the areas between the cells. Swelling of different parts of the body, such as face, hands, ankles, legs and feet show that you are suffering from water retention. It can affect anyone, but mostly pregnant women. You can still prevent it by consuming potassium-rich foods.


Everything you SHOULD know about arthritis today!

Observed today, World Arthritis Day raises awareness about this increasingly common and debilitating condition.

When 28-year-old marketing professional Nikita Sahai started facing trouble in her knees, she thought the pain was temporary and would pass with some rest.

However, when her symptoms worsened and she consulted a specialist, Nikita was given the grim news that she had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Always assumed to be an 'older person's' ailment, arthritis is now even afflicting youngsters in their 20s. And World Arthritis Day, which is observed on October 12, raises awareness about this condition, and how it affects the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Youngsters getting affected

According to joint replacement surgeon Dr Tejas Upasani, almost 50% of the country's population has been found suffering from arthritis in one or more of their joints. "RA is, perhaps, the commonest form of arthritis affecting young adults. Women in their 30s especially are being diagnosed with arthritis. Of the joints affected by arthritis, knees and fingers get affected early. Primary reasons for the occurrence of arthritis at an early age, include genetic predisposition, obesity, inactivity, joint damage or ligament injuries and childhood disorders that lead to bone malalignment causing joint degeneration."

Avoiding arthritis

- Have a diet that is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D and C. A good intake of calcium allows the bone beneath the degenerated surface to resist deforming forces. - Don't procrastinate setting up an appointment with your doctor when you realise that the joint pain is persistent.
- Engage in physical activity at least four times a week. This will keep your weight in check and strengthen your muscles, which help slowing down arthritis progression.

Are high heels to blame?

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Dr Subhranshu Mohanty says that women who wear ill-fitting high heels are more likely to be struck down by this condition. "Almost 60% of arthritis affects the feet and is often caused by wearing badly fitting shoes. High heels can alter the body's posture and increase pressure on the foot, ankle and knee joints, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis. Choosing the right footwear minimises stress on the feet and joints, and reduces the risk of injury and joint damage. Opt for a round-toed shoe with a heel height of two to three centimetres and with a shock-absorbent sole to help minimise shock to the joints."

Symptoms and diagnosis

Arthritis starts as an inflammation of the lining of the joint, which slowly becomes uncontrollable, resulting in joint destruction. "The common feature of all forms of arthritis is a loss of smoothness of joint surfaces so that low-friction movement is replaced by irregular, gritty, high-friction agony. The joint changes, in turn, can cause changes to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint. Therefore, patients can also feel pain in the back or ankles. A person affected by arthritis often experiences pain and stiffness in the knees. It usually starts in the morning and decreases as the day progresses," says Dr Upasani. Adds Dr Mohanty, "A thorough examination is done to understand the fluid around the joint, tender joints and difficulty in moving a joint. Some types of arthritis may cause joint deformity. This may be a sign of severe, untreated RA. Blood tests and joint X-rays are done to check for infection and other causes of arthritis. Any kind of wear and tear of the joints can be best identified through an MRI."


"During the initial stage, a patient can undergo medical treatment, which involves drugs and other non-invasive therapies. While at an advanced stage, surgical option is the preferred one. Joint replacement is widely performed these days in young patients and results are far more superior. However, the artificial joint has its own life of approximately 15 to 20 years and, a revision surgery may eventually be needed," ends Dr Upasani.

World Mental Health Day: Going through depression? Here are 5 simple ways to get your life back on track

  • Here are small but significant steps that will help you to get your life back on track.
Get your life life back on trackby doing these little things

Depression can completely throw apart every little bit of your daily life making it difficult for you to pick up the pieces. Here are small but significant steps, as perWebMD, that will help you to get your life back on track.

-Get into a routine: Living in depression means you no longer are able to plan and execute your daily goals and targets. Each hour just seems to melt away into the next. Simply start small and set up a schedule for yourself for daily tasks. As you start following the routine, it will boost your confidence and you can gradually move towards having your normal routine back.

Stay Happy: Positive Emotions Could Keep Your Heart Healthy

Believe it or not but our emotions play a crucial role in our well-being. A positive mindset can work wonders in helping you deal with various ailments. A recent study has found that people with heart disease may benefit from maintaining positive emotions.

The study tracked more than 1,000 patients with coronary heart disease over the course of five years. Patients who reported higher positive psychological states were more likely to be physically active, sleep better and take their heart medications and were also less likely to
smoke, compared to patients with lower levels of positive states.

"Negative emotions and depression are known to have harmful effects on health, but it is less clear how positive emotions might be health-protective," said Nancy L Sin, postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Healthy Aging and in the department of biobehavioural health at Penn State.

"We found that positive emotions are associated with a range of long-term health habits, which are important for reducing the risk of future heart problems and death," Sin said.

The researchers assessed psychological well-being of participants at baseline and again at a five-year follow-up by asking the participants to rate the extent that they had felt 10 specified positive emotions, including "interested," "proud," "enthusiastic" and "inspired." Physical activity, sleep quality, medication adherence and alcohol and cigarette use were also measured at baseline and again five years later.

"Higher levels of positive emotions were associated with less smoking, greater physical activity, better sleep quality and more adherence to medications" at baseline, said the researchers. They found no correlation between positive emotions and alcohol use. The results took into account patients' demographic factors, depressive symptoms and the severity of their heart conditions.

Though positive emotions at baseline did not predict changes in health behaviours five years later, increases in positive emotions across the five-year period were associated with improvements in physical activity, sleep quality and medication adherence. There are a number of reasons why positive emotions are linked to optimal health habits, the researchers suggest.

People with greater positive well-being may be more motivated and persistent in engaging in healthy behaviours. They might have more confidence in their abilities to maintain routines such as physical activity and sleep hygiene. Positive emotions may also enable people to better adjust
their health goals and to proactively cope with stress and setbacks.

"Efforts to sustain or enhance positive emotions may be promising for promoting better health behaviours," said researchers. The study is published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.
Source - NDTV

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