The Power of Healing Foods

If you had talked about treating disease with healing foods just a decade ago, you would have been taken for a quack - and believe me, I know, having received all sorts of funny looks and reactions from various people when mentioning such a possibility.

But I'm so thrilled to see that things are changing!

Not just ordinary people, but also many doctors and researchers now believe that food can actually treat many conditions.

They say that adding the right healing foods to your diet, while leaving others off the menu, can strengthen your body's defenses against disease, treat disease directly and even slow down the aging process.

What has brought about this change, you might ask?

Well, I've discovered several reasons:
1) Researchers now understand the underlying causes of common diseases much better than they used to.
How? By improving your cholesterol levels, lowering high blood pressure, steadying your blood sugar, reducing inflammation and taking off extra pounds - all subjects that I'm discussing on this site.

"Almost 80% of cardiovascular disease could be prevented by lifestyle changes, and among the most important of these are dietary changes."

Researchers have no doubts now that a poor diet is a major cause of constipation, hemorrhoids, heartburn and IBS and giving out pills to deal with the symptoms is not the best way to treat these problems. Clicking on the link you can read about the causes of these conditions and what healing foods you can eat to get to the root of the problem. 

  • Doctors now realize that arthritis isn't a simple case of wear and tear but rather a destructive process spurred by molecules called free radicals, so - surprise, surprise - painkillers cannot be considered the best long term solution.
  • The general consensus now seems to be that no condition is more related to diet than type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that people who eat a lot of refined carbohydrates, animal fats, and a lot of animal protein are at much greater risk of developing this condition.
What is the best treatment for all these conditions? Medications? Hardly.

Common sense dictates that if the problem is caused or aggravated by diet, then a change in diet is needed.

2) Another reason for the change in attitude toward healing foods is that we now know more about the healing power of specific foods.

Fish oil for heart disease

We know, for example, that oily fish can reduce inflammation in the body and be more effective than any medication in preventing and treating conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and many more.

Please Note: This doesn't mean you must stop all medications for such conditions. Before making any changes you must consult your doctor!
Health benefits of apples
You'd be surprised to know how many studies have been carried out on the humble apple.

Researchers have discovered that it contains a host of compounds that have been proven to prevent conditions such as heart disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes and others.
Health benefits of beans
How about beans? This often overlooked source of vegetarian protein is excellent at preventingconstipation, piles, lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure and much more - marvel at the numerous conditions you could prevent and treat by simply adding this healing food to your diet!

Health benefits of garlic
Everybody knows about the healing properties of garlic, right? We don't know the half of what garlic can do for us!

Read about the countless studies that have proven its effectiveness in fighting infections,thinning the blood, reducing blood pressureand much more.

And this is just a taster of the many healing foods discussed on this site!

3) Overwhelmed by the thousands of studies coming in from every direction, the medical community has finally taken this research to heart.

Although these studies have been going on for years - you know how it is, it always takes ages before a change is accepted - at last doctors are talking about nutrition and food solutions to everyday complaints more often than before.

They've realized that if diet is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease, for example, then giving you cholesterol-lowering pills is not going to reverse it. The best way to treat it is to make changes to your diet.

I'm sure that doctors spend most of their time and efforts trying to remedy side-effects of medications they've prescribed. In contrast,most healing foods provide multiple benefits to the body and no side-effects.

Many now realize that it's a smart move to advise their patients to use healing foods instead of prescribing drugs. Not so lucrative, perhaps, but, in the long run, it yields much better results for everybody.

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