Drink ‘natural’ this summer

Ditch the colas and cold coffees, beat the heat with these natural drinks!
Drink healthy this summer!
Yes, it’s heating up. You are sweating, dehydrated and tired. Do not reach for that cola yet. We have some refreshing, natural options for you!
Say YES to Tender coconut water
Walk down the road, and help yourself to some refreshing tender coconut water instead. Coconut water is considered as “fluid for life”. It contains a bounty of nutrients that can help fight the summer heat. It’s a natural coolant and can help reduce body heat.

Say NO to soft drinks
Juice concentrates have a host of preservatives and are loaded with sugar.

Say YES to Chamomile tea 
Try chamomile tea instead. Brew a kettle full of chamomile, and put in the refrigerator. Pour some in a cup, add a spoonful of honey and slurp! It will hydrate you instantly, and also soothe your nerves!

Say NO to Coffee 
Hot or cold, doesn’t matter. Coffee can be really bad for you during the summer. It increases body heat and will further dehydrate you.

Say YES to Barley water
Barley has cooling properties, which is why barley water helps bring down body heat. It’s an excellent substitute for chai or any other drink for that matter. It cleanses your kidney and keeps it free of toxins.
If you don’t enjoy the tatse, add a dash of lime to the drink like the English do. Or add a spoonful of jeera while you’re boiling barley. This can add a welcome zing to your drink.
We suggest you drink while its warm like you would have your kadak chai… yes, even in this weather.
Say NO to Kadak Chai
Kadak chai in summer does you no good. In summer, your favourite chai will leave you feeling tired instead of pepping you up.
Say NO to cola/aerated drinks
Well, all those cold colas stacked up in the corner shop looks tempting. Skip it! It’s loaded with sugar and is bad for you in so many ways.
Say YES to Fresh fruit smoothies 
Try fresh fruit smoothies instead. Buy some strawberries, bananas, mangoes or any other fruit you like. Wash, cut and blend in a mixer with cold milk/yoghurt. Keep some ice handy, add and drink.
Say NO to ice-cream
While ice-cream or ice-candy can bring you temporary relief from the pains of soaring heat, they do no good for your body.
Say YES to Butter milk 
Packaged buttermilk is available aplenty today. Ditch the sugar-loaded packaged fruit juice and grab that masaledar buttermilk or chaas, as we call it!
Say NO to packaged juice
Packaged juice might not be that bad after all. But why go there when you have better options at hand.
Say YES to Kokum juice
Give kokum juice or kokum sherbet, as it is referred to colloquially a shot this summer. It is easily available in powder and decoction form. And kokum can do you a lot of good. It helps prevent dehydration, improves digestion and appetite. What more? It is known to fight infection, cleanse the blood and is good for your cardiovascular health.
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