10 ways to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is not that difficult if you are determined to stop. Here are different ways to quit smoking.
Keep in mind the benefits of quitting
Quitting has a number of positive effects. You just have to keep in mind those benefits each time you feel like smoking. Also remind yourself that quitting is not a difficult task. Find a replacement for your cigarette. Replace it with an apple or a chewing gum or something that you like more than a cigarette. Each time you feel like smoking, put that favourite thing in your mouth.
Reduce smoking gradually

It's not necessary for you to stop suddenly in a day. Reduce smoking gradually. You can start by avoiding two, then three, then five and then an entire pack.
Exercise helps people quit smoking. It helps in reducing the urge to smoke. Exercise can be in any form - 10 minutes of walking or cycling is sufficient enough for keeping yourself physically active and reducing the urge to smoke.
Read success stories

Everyday several people quit smoking and many people among them write their success stories. Read them. It will help in motivating yourself to quit smoking.
Tell people

Tell people around you that you're planning to quit. They'll surely encourage you. Spreading the word will also have a positive impact on others trying to quit.
Keep a money box

You can save all the money you spend on cigarette packets, everyday. Keep the change in a box. Each time you remove money from your pocket to buy that one cigarette, don't buy it, instead put that money in a box. Save or donate to a charity of your choice.
Throw your ashtray and lighter

Throw everything that reminds you of smoking - your ashtray, lighter and even cigarettes that you bought before quitting.
Reward yourself

Once you have successfully completed a week or a month of smoking - reward yourself. Not with a cigarette, but something else. For instance, reward yourself with a cheesecake, that one blueberry cheesecake that you were wanting to have since months but didn't get time for it. Purchase it with the money that you saved from quitting.
Try drugs that can help you quit

There are several prescribed drugs available at various pharmacies that can help you quit smoking. But don't forget to visit a doctor before you do.
Cut down on alcohol too

Alcohol is generally preferred with a smoke. So stay away from both.

Source - DNA


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